Google Pixel 2 XL renders highlight polished design

No word on a potential headphone jack though

Pixel 2 XL
Google's Pixel 2 XL retains the dual-tone rear of the original

We really liked last year’s Google Pixel for its smooth-as-butter OS, premium build and the promise of delivering the best Android experience before anyone else. The search giant’s first self-branded smartphone was followed by the XL phablet model a few months later. Now, Android Police claims to have gotten hold of renders of the Pixel 2 XL – not an official name – which is expected to launch in October. Its code name is taimen.

Pixel 2 XL
The original Pixel was a solid, premium and pricey smartphone debut by Google

The device will feature an LG 1,440p OLED display that’s just shy of 6 inches. Why LG? Because Google invested nearly 900 million dollars in the South Korean tech brand’s display divison in April. While keeping in line with the 2017 edge-to-edge trend set by Samsung’s S8 and LG’s G6, the bezel seen in this render isn’t quite S8 small – or anywhere near what the iPhone 8 might look like – but you can expect crisp contrast and deep blacks.

The device’s fingerprint scanner is on the rear, under a single-lens camera that appears to have a slightly protruding ring around its cover. We’re not sure about the existence of a 3.5mm jack on the Pixel 2 XL because the renders avoid revealing the top and bottom of
the device.

Interestingly, Android Police claims the Pixel 2 XL will incorporate the squeeze tech seen in our recently reviewed HTC U11.