Avaya launches the Vantage


Ever hear of Avaya? It sounds familiar, right? You feel like you’ve seen it somewhere. Yes you have. Look over at your desk phone in your office or your hotel room and it’s probably Avaya. We don’t really take a close look at desk phones. We use them on a daily basis, hundreds of times but never really notice that they’re a pretty integral part of environments such as offices or hotels or hospitals and other such institutions. And now, the Vantage aims to make the desk phone smart.

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Avaya wants to change the way you look at your boring desk phones altogether. The company has introduced its latest product, the Vantage, to bring together a desk phone as well as an application platform on one dedicated device. The Vantage eliminates the need to own multiple devices, delivering a customisable user experience on a desk phone. A business can provide a communication endpoint to customised experiences and place them cost-effectively in appropriate locations: desktops, hotel rooms, hospital bedsides, information kiosks or wherever.

An all-glass desktop device, the Vantage is simple to deploy and possesses the ability to run any Android application while delivering great audio performance. Its features include the flexibility of an application platform, and the advantages of a desk phone — with an optional detachable handset. It’s the ideal device for where users need applications at their fingertips: desktops, hotel rooms, hospital bedsides, offices and kiosks.

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Avaya Vantage features

  • Capacitive touchscreen
  • Dedicated device — advantages of a desk phone and flexibility of an Application Platform
  • A common user experience and interface with Avaya Communicator 3.0 for Android – the latest, primary user interface that provides a common and intuitive UI across all devices.
  • Highly customisable — it enables unique custom experiences meshing into customer’s workflows and business processes where apps can also be customised for industries such as hospitality, healthcare, retail, government, media and entertainment.
  • All-glass device
  • No visible mechanical buttons
  • Optional cradle with handset
  • Acoustic excellence
  • Simple to deploy — desk mount plus a wall mount