Turntables in the time of digital music

Sony PS-HX500
Sony's new PS-HX500 turntable

Vinyl records had a comeback of sorts at this year’s CES, which concluded yesterday, with companies such as Sony, Victrola and Audio-Technica exhibiting models with high-quality audio and wireless connectivity, reports AFP.

Mike Fasulo, President of Sony Electronics, told AFP the company was working very hard to keep up with the demand for vinyl records.

Love for vinyl records

Unlike digital music that can slowly slip into the background, vinyl records call for a greater level of involvement and interaction. And some people just love the sound on vinyl.

An Audio-Technica model at the show comes with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing the user to freely roam the house while listening to music on vinyl playing in another room.

A new Sony turntable converts analogue music on vinyl into digital so that people can access them on other devices.

One of the oldest turntable makers, Victrola, which was recently took over by Innovative Technology, displayed models that blended vintage looks with modern features at the show.

(Image via Techcrunch)