Microsoft’s gorgeous Surface Book gets a specs boost

All upgrades are under the hood in the gorgeous, pricey convertible Microsoft Surface Book i7

Microsoft’s event last night blew us away with the beautiful tech on show. Among all the new hardware and software, Microsoft updated the very cool Surface Book laptop that was first launched last year. The upgraded model comes with an i7 processor, enhanced graphics, a whole lot of battery life and minimal design change.

The customisable Surface Pen and detachable screen make the Surface Book a great tool for designers and artists

The Surface Book i7 doesn’t come with Intel’s sixth-generation Skylake processors, but it will give users up to 16 hours of battery life as opposed to just 12 of the previous model. The graphical capability has doubled, claims Microsoft, with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 965M GPU. The cooling system has also been upped to two fans for handling the larger battery and heavier graphics processing. Of course all this add slightly to the weight and thickness, though the increase is barely noticeable, while there’s a slight decrease in the gap between the screen and base where the PC hinges.

Perhaps the most interesting design innovation in the Surface Book is its dynamic fulcrum hinge

The Surface Book i7 isn’t a sequel to last years Surface Book but more of an mid-tier upgrade to give users a more powerful machine that was clearly being asked for and Microsoft listened. So if you were holding out on buying the Surface Book, the Surface Book i7 should give you more of a push. The price tag is quite steep, starting at $2,399 (Dh8,811) but you’re getting a very sleek and a powerful device with a great battery life. It officially launches November 10. No news on when we’ll see it in stores locally, but it shouldn’t take too long.