iTunes launches on the Windows App Store


Apple is venturing outside its highly walled-up gardens into the Windows App Store with the introduction of iTunes. The announcement, made at Microsoft’s Build developer event, took everyone by surprise. Microsoft said it had been working with Apple for some time now to get the iTunes app introduced into its Windows Store. iTunes may not be anyone’s favourite app but for any Apple device owners, it’s a must-have.

It’s safe to assume Microsoft will be courting other major apps such as Adobe’s suite of creative apps along with Chrome, if not more of Google’s library. Chrome may never see the light of day on the Windows Store, though. Google apparently needs to rework its entire browser to meet Microsoft’s strict app requirements. Windows Store apps that browse the web need to use Microsoft’s Edge engine. The current Chrome desktop app uses Google’s Blink rendering engine. Google could decide to create a new version of Chrome specifically for the Windows Store as it has done before with iOS. We’ll have to wait and see.